I start my junior year in the US on Monday, and surprisingly, i am cool as a cucumber (cut to Monday morning though, and i’ll be whimpering in my room). Me and my friends back in Bombay used to be so envious of the high school traditions they have here – prom, punch bowls, school games, spirit week, cheerleaders?! All we had was farewells with strict dress codes, jalebi’s, and “cheering” 8th graders who just wanted to be house captain next year #desiproblems. But, who am i kidding, we loved it 🙂

Now I get to see the real deal. So here are some American high school expectations I have. WARNING: they may or may not be heavily influenced by High School Musical.

  1. Prom/Homecoming

Possibly the first thing that comes into most peoples’ minds when they think American High School. Im expecting Prom King and Queen posters plastered all over the school, girls picking dresses a month before prom actually happens, all the sappy stuff they show in the movies. Do teenage girls seriously wear the puffy bride-like dresses to prom? I don’t know, but i’m expecting it. Somebody better spike the punch bowl too. If it happened in Glee it probably happens irl, right?


2. School games

This one is probably my highest held expectation. My school has a gorgeous football field, with a big arch over the entrance that says “Vikings Stadium” (speaking of which, every school in the US’s mascot seems to be the Vikings or the Wildcats – c’mon schools, you can be more original). Taylor Swifts “You Belong With Me” video set the bar high on this one – im talking bands, cheerleaders,  the entire school on the bleachers! The Quarterback and the Cheer captain have to be a school power couple too, its not American High School without that.

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 9.35.19 PM

3. Gunk for lunch in the cafeteria

Im just gonna leave this picture here.

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 9.43.17 PM

4. Extremely passionate people

Coming from an incredibly academically driven school in India, im used to having most of my classmates into liberal arts, engineering, medicine. I didn’t mean to go all brown stereotype on you, I have aspiring musicians, cricketers, psychologists, and actresses too, but our school forced us to be focused on academia as well. Here, I’m expecting the “theatre kids,” “band geeks” “basketball jocks,” “skater dudes,” “cheer girls,” and everything in between.  Multiple categories of personality types! And each will have their own lunch table of course.

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 9.41.00 PM

5. Lockers

I know I’m not the only one on this – me and my girls have sat down and fantasized about having nice lockers all in a row. Having your best friends locker next to you, decorating your lockers, it being the place you go to between classes – ooh ooh and slipping notes into other peoples lockers! Our desi-style 10kg backpacks full of textbooks gave us back problems, so high school lockers better be as cool as we think they are.

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 9.33.09 PM

I’ll find out on Monday how realistic my expectations are. Until then, lets hope i don’t drop my lunch all over myself on my first day of school! Wish me luck! 🙂

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