TRAVEL DIARY: Garden of Eden, Bay Area

NEW SEGMENT: Ive decided to have a travel diary segment! Traveling for me is basically going anywhere that isn’t in Palo Alto – so stay tuned to my blog to hear about my adventures.

This weekend, me and my friends went to Garden of Eden in Santa Cruz, California to celebrate my friend Mary’s birthday, and let me just tell you, that place is gorgeous. It is instantly in my top 10 favourite places to visit in California.

(Funny story, we attempted to surprise her with this plan on Saturday, but we discovered that were all horrible at keeping secrets, and are ridiculously obvious… Sorry Mary!)

To get to the actual place, you have to walk along these cute train tracks (similar to the ones in Matheran, India), and hike for about 15 mins down a hill which opens up to a “swimming hole” that looks straight out of a movie – its 150%  stunning.IMG_8128




(ew so many other people)

The directions to get to the Garden of Eden can be slightly confusing, as its not one spot, its an entire area. I would suggest parking near where Google Maps says it is and then walking along the road to find one of the entrances to the train tracks.

Now if you’re from California, or some other gorgeous part of the world, I’m from Mumbai. The closest thing we had to this kind of natural beauty within a 2 hour radius of our homes was the patches of garden in my building, so i was crazily excited to make the most of this place.


The sandy area near the water provided the perfect place for a picnic, and the peace and quiet of the area was enough to make the day awesome. My Cali dreams got the most of me when it came to swimming though – THE WATER WAS WAY TOO COLD FOR ME TO FUNCTION.

Let me set the record straight. California is relatively warm year round, but near the bay, it is an acquired warmth. So all my friends jumped in in their bikinis, and I almost got frostbite in mine. The water was way too cold for me, and my other 2 friends, so while the rest of them discovered the river, we put on our hoodies and had a photoshoot on a log and tried not to fall into the river.



Overall, Garden of Eden gets an A+ from me, and I can’t wait to go again when the sun is actually out! I would highly recommend checking the temperature before you go, and bringing your swimsuits, towels, sunscreen and a picnic with you!

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