I Am a Person Of My Experiences, Not Just My Achievements

Growing up, in all the phases of my life I’ve been surrounded by people who have the same high ambitions as me. Whether it’s which university we aspire to go to, or where we saw ourselves 10 years in life – everyone I’ve been surrounded by has been a dreamer.

We teens are supposed to start proving ourselves worthy of our dreams now. So all my friends have set off getting their black belts in martial arts, securing their positions in the top 10 ranks of their chosen sports…. And I seem to have no obvious achievements.

Some summers, people in my class would do volunteer work in a village while their families vacationed, and I would travel to the southern-most city of the world – Ushuaia, Argentina, and worry about cultures of the world dissolving into nothingness.

As a result, I’ve always been extremely insecure of my development and capabilities as a person. The lack of medals and trophies in my life make me constantly reconsider if I’m actually capable/worthy enough to achieve the same level of dreams as my peers.

For everyone who feels the same way as me (I know I cant be the only one), I’ve come to realize that we undermine our raw experiences too much.

I haven’t had time in the summer for 3 years of continuous social work, but my travels have given me a global perspective, and lent to my ability to empathize. In 16 years, Ive moved across the world twice, and switched schools thrice which might have broken my continuity in dance; but I have amazing abilities to adapt to a new environment, less fear of change, people-skills – and these are the skills that we need in todays global world, right?

Please don’t get me wrong – tangible achievements are most definitely worth celebrating too, and you should work to have them. All I want to put out there is that the intangible experiences are also something to be proud of, because they’ve given us extraordinary qualities and skills too.

Most of our parents don’t have pages of achievements – it’s a relatively new culture to spend your teen years building statistical evidence of your capabilities (thanks college) – and they turned out pretty successful didn’t they?

These great qualities that we foster because of these raw experiences lend to who we are far more than our achievements do.

Shout out to institutions like Challenge Success, who are trying to encourage the same idea in society, because I really shouldn’t need to constantly remind myself that my ability to pick myself up every time I’ve failed is an achievement equal to a gold medal – and neither should you.

What do you think? Whether you agree or disagree with my perspective, let me know in the comments!

Until next time x


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17 thoughts on “I Am a Person Of My Experiences, Not Just My Achievements

  1. Hi yashvi
    Keep the faith…keep blogging, and smiling and shining!!! Your posts are getting better and better..
    being positive and being able to accept failure is truly more important than any achievement!!
    Hope happiness follows you wherever u go!
    shefali and karim


  2. Hi Yashvi,
    I am an admirer of your blogs.
    I believe that if you have the following virtues, ie. positive attitude; fearlessness towards failure and the ability to adapt to change, you will be able to achieve your dreams and always be happy.
    Stay blessed.
    Madhu Kishanchandani
    (Rayna’s mom)


  3. Yashvi,
    I generally as a rule do not follow blogs but I wait in anticipation of your next one. Beautifully written and totally agree with you. I wish all teens and parents of children understand this.
    Beautifully written, keep up the good work.
    Love, Neha Choudhary


  4. Hi Yashvi,
    I loved your blog and more importantly your thought. Amazing to see someone as young as you having such wonderful insight. Look forward to reading more from you. All the very best.
    Regards, Anupama


  5. Hi Yashvi…liked your belief in yourself more than external incidents…
    Keep growing as a person…keep thinking higher…keep sharing that confidence!

    Love, Mamta Ruparel
    (Devanshi’s mom)


  6. Bravo yashvi. …love the clarity of thoughts and so well put….most of us have these inner demons…just scared to let them out….have fun writing and keep dreaming !!!
    Rajni (aryahi s mom)


  7. Hi Yashvi,

    You do not know me but I am Yamini Masi’s friend since we were both babies.

    Your article really resonated with me. My brother and I are 9 years apart and I saw such a marked difference in the time we applied to universities for undergrad… When he applied one had to be so much more by the time one was 18.. And here I was thinking that college was supposed to be where you found yourself and let your dreams find purpose!

    I wholeheartedly agree with you and being a mother of a two year old I’m trying to raise her with the premise that I’m raising a human being and being is so much more important than doing sometimes.. I want her look up and laugh without inhibitions, I want her to run around free and feel the wind in her face, I want her to climb trees and fall and scrape her knee, I want her to experience life and not just life’s pressures.

    I hope that if she does go out and spends time helping people it’s not for college admissions but because she genuinely wants to make a difference. And I hope I can be successful in raising a compassionate and good human being..

    My best wishes to you for all your dreams to come true!


    1. Hi!

      Hopefully the system will change by the time your kids are applying, I really hope it does. It’s so nice to hear how plan on raising your daughter, my mom raised me that way and i could not be happier 🙂
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and sharing your thoughts!


      1. I hope so too! Your parents really have raised you well and it’s clear from your thoughts and words! As a parent there can be no greater compliment!

        Keep writing! 🙂


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