Kill Them With Kindness

A quick post.

A phrase that I live by, and one of my favorites. There’s so much hate and negativity in the world that it’s extremely easy to lash out in defense. It’s instilled in our nature that offense is the best defense.

Middle school brings back memories of someone who gave me a pretty tough time, and high school gave me an opportunity to ‘retaliate.’ Instead, I chose to kill with kindness. After being extremely taken aback, the person seemingly transformed into being rather nice.

Granted, it’s hard to do so – being mean just seems so much easier. But by killing with kindness you’re spreading it to the world too. In a world where everyones just trying their best to figure life out, more kindness is always a good thing, and you’ll just be surrounding yourself with better people.

I genuinely believe that behind every mean comment or personality is a good person. The negativity is just a character to hide insecurities and vulnerabilities behind, so kill the character with your kindness 🙂

Let me know what you think in the comments x


PS: Selena Gomez actually has a sick song called Kill Em With Kindness on her new album! YouTube’s new copyright restrictions means you cant find it there, but check it out on iTunes here or Spotify here.

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3 thoughts on “Kill Them With Kindness

  1. U suck ure blog sucks and i find your posts honestly disturbing…. is what you would expect on your average reply on the interwebs. Howevr i like your blog it has helped with my depression and caused me to not commit suicide. Thanks
    -Heazus the jesus looking for help

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