To anyone who thinks the ACT/SAT has beaten them.

Hey there, me too. But you know what, I have a couple things to say. The ACT/SAT is nothing more than a test. Every single person out there is so much more than a linear thinking based standardized test, and I for one refuse to let myself believe that a SAT/ACT score should be a dent to my self esteem.

If you’re stressing about college, this test is designed so that colleges can determine if you are in their academic ballpark. At the end of the day it’s for your benefit – you don’t want to go to a school that’ll burn you out before life even starts.

And hey, aptitude is the only thing you’re tested on, and honestly, that doesn’t count for much. It’s your hard work that gets you places. High-school dropout David Karp put his blood sweat and tears into Tumblr, and now has 2400/36 scoring people who didn’t work quite as hard kissing his ass. Even colleges know that hard work is everything – thats what the essays are for.

We are all incredible people; made up of countless talents, filled with 17 years of life experiences and the lessons that come with them, and with work ethics nobody can measure in numbers. We have so much more to us than if we can solve a math problem.

Don’t give a measly test the power to control how you feel about yourself, and the things around you. Say a giant f*ck you to your scores and go running, go on a picnic with your friends, watch a cheesy-ass rom com.

You are incomparable.

No damn standardized test should be able to tell you otherwise.




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