Storytime/Musings: In appreciation of Viral Fever, and other Indian creators alike.

For anyone who knows me, you’ll know that for the past couple of months i’ve been super into the k-pop scene. My best friend introduced me to it, and i got hooked really quickly. Without even knowing it, I was lost in the bright concepts, the fast paced choreo, the never ending pit of content available on YouTube, specific to any k-pop group you decide is your bias (Carats whadduuup).

The thing is, I was super confused as to why I got into k-pop in the first place. I had Bollywood to quench my thirst for flashy costumes and catchy choreo. Why did i need k-pop? I toyed with a lot of theories in my head: maybe i’m feeling a Bollywood void because no great movie has come this year yet, maybe this is just interest in another culture, etc. etc.  But I don’t think its any of those.

I love things that are rich in culture, and since i’m currently in the US, i crave it more than ever. Most of Indian content is made for the masses. That doesn’t include me. I am the privileged young Indian, the ‘elite Indian teen’. I have grown up with mad levels of western influence, which means most Indian entertainment (with the exception of mainstream Bollywood movies) are not appealing to me. I’m used to American/British TV shows, and online content –  our hindi serials are just potential for internet memes.

So to get my fill of cultural + globally influenced entertainment, I hit up the k-pop world.

It’s really easy to be hit by the k-wave because its manufactured to be easily accessible internationally. And when you get hit, you start believing in that standard of beauty, that standard of entertainment, its so wonderfully crazy. I was remarkably self aware of my perception of things changing, and it threw me completely out of whack; my Indian and American perceptions are already conflicting, this was just getting too much.

I figured there has to be someone catering to the niche ‘elite’ desi entertainment market. I mean, AIB and Viral Fever picked up steam doing exactly that right? International level comedy videos on YouTube in an Indian context?

So I got to looking, and I found a VAULT of Indian web series. I’m not sure if i’m late to the party, or if they actually haven’t been publicized enough, but guys, these are so good. I’m talking high production value, A+ comedy – even things down to the background score are professional.

One of the best parts to me is that they keep it real and dont stick to conservative desi convention. They don’t have a censor board breathing down their neck (internet ftw) so they’re free to have your everyday swearing and sexual innuendos.

Its international standard comedy gold, and I could not be more pumped!

It’s even in hindi! I’m loving that creators are bringing hindi into high quality liberal-oriented(?) entertainment. I’ve had enough of upper class India condemning speaking in hindi.

I’ll probably post something about what i’ve been watching soon. Currently i’m watching Viral Fever’s ‘Pitchers’, which is about 4 guys who quit their jobs to do a start up. Check it out, it’s so worth it! (Even if you dont speak hindi, it’s got english subtitles!)

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 7.41.59 PM.png

So anyway, thank you to creators like Viral Fever who are giving me content that I can relate to and be proud of. Don’t stop doing your thing.